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The Twenty Melbourne Painters Society is one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious arts organisations reaching its centenary in 2018. It occupies a unique position in Australian art in that membership is restricted to 20 and is upon invitation only. Many distinguished artists have been members of the group and contributed to its colourful history. The society maintains a strong commitment to the traditions of realist, tonal and impressionist painting.

Current Executive

President:xxxXxxRay Hewitt.
VicexPresident:XStephen Doyle.
Secretary:xxxxxxMargaret Cowling,
Treasurer:XXXxxAmanda Hyatt.
Webmaster:xxxxAmanda Hyatt.


Do you know that these TMPS Members now sell paintings from the “CURRENT MEMBERS PAGE”?

John Orlando Birt, Bill Caldwell, Margaret Cowling, Ray Hewitt, Amanda Hyatt, Clive Sinclair, Peter Smales, David Taylor and Max Wilks.