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During its tenure, the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society has included a number of notable Victorian artists amongst its members.

Founding TMPS members

Jas Stuart Anderson, Alice Bale, Elsie Barlow, Alexander Colquhoun, George Colville, Edith Downing, Bernice Edwell, William Frater, Mrs H. M. Gulliver, Carl Hampel, Polly Hurry, Miss C.E. James, Richard McCann, Bertha Merfield, A.E. Newbury, Clara Southern, Ruth Sutherland, Jo Sweatman, Isobel Tweddle, Rose A. Walker

Former TMPS members

Angela Abbott, Mary Cecil Allen, June Barnett, Clarice Beckett, George Bell, Reshid Bey, John Borrack, Shirley Bourne, Rex Bramleigh, Julian Bruere, Ernest Buckmaster, Rupert Bunny, Max Casey, Victor Cobb, Colin Colahan, Alfred Coleman, Elizabeth Colquhoun, August Cornehls, Margaret Cowling, Sybil Craig, Margaret Cromb, Ron Crawford, Dagmar Cyrulla, Sir William Dargie, Edwin Doutch, Stephen Doyle, John Dudley, John Farmer, Alma Figuerola, Edgar Finley, Jacqueline Fowler, Alan Gallagher, Dorothy Whitehead Griffiths, Harley Griffiths, Peter Glass, A.W. Harding, John Hennessey, June Hobart, Ramon Horsfield, E. Kimpton, Percy Leason, Sir John Longstaff, John Loxton, Arthur Markham, Marjorie Martin, Alan Martin, Max Meldrum, Douglas Miller, David Moore, Graham Moore, Patricia Moran, John Munro, David Newbury, Judith Perrey, James Quinn, William Rowell, John Rowell, Audrey Snell, Gordon Speary, Arnold Shore, Francis Roy Thompson, Rollo Thompson, Ralph Malcolm Warner, Percy Watson, Judith Wills, Margery Withers

“Chrysanthemums” by Judith Wills. Image kindly provided by Judith’s son Tim Connard