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A.M.E. Bale Art Awards

The A.M.E. Bale Traveling Scholarship is a national art prize, which is awarded biennially to an emerging Australian artist who has demonstrated talent and achievement in traditional styles. There are two other awards for Oil/Acrylic and “Works on Paper”.

The A.M.E. Bale Art Awards are considered as highly prestigious prizes, perhaps the most esteemed in representational painting in Australia. These awards include a traveling scholarship which enables Australian artists to study the works of the old masters abroad. The biennial judging of the A.M.E. Bale Traveling Scholarship and associated prizes for  Oil/Acrylic and “Works on Paper”, is carried out solely by members of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society (TMPS). The Society upholds and executes the highest standards when judging the submitted works taking up to three days for consideration on the selection and judging of submitted works.

For information about the  A.M.E. Bale Scholarship and awards, please contact Diana Soumilas at the Glen Eira City Council Gallery at:

Header image “Zinnias” by A.M.E. Bale


The Winners of the  A.M.E. BALE Traveling  scholarship and art prizes for 2022 can be viewed here.


Past A.M.E. Bale Traveling Scholarship and Art Prize winners

Edward EssingTravelling Scholarship.
Rosy Lloyd — Oil and/or acrylic Award for  “Portrait of T.C”.
Joe Whyte  —Works on Paper Award for “Frank”.

Nicolas ChenTraveling Scholarship.
Colleen Stapleton oil and/or acrylic Award for Portrait “Girl With a Hoop Earring”.
Byron Copland Works on Paper Award for “Double Portrait Study”.

Ben Winspear Traveling Scholarship.
Sheri Elphick —  oil and/or acrylic Award for Portrait of “Cleopatra”
Vincent De Filippis — Works on Paper Award for Portrait Study

Simon Cowell — Traveling Scholarship.
Ray Hewitt —  oil and/or acrylic for “The Fly Fisherman”.
Virginia Grayson — works on paper for “Dad Watching the News”.

Scott Breton — Traveling Scholarship
Evan Shipard — oil and/or acrylic for The Digger
Gregory Alexander — Works on Paper for Nelson Street

Leigh Kaplan — Traveling Scholarship.
Jenny MacKay and Simon Cowell equal winners oil and/or acrylic for “Someday” and “Wynyard Lane” respectively
Philip Cooper — Works on Paper for “Seated Figure”.

Portrait of Alice Bale (Ernest Buckmaster (1897-1968) former TMPS member.)