The Twenty Melbourne Painters Society (TMPS) has always held its portrait artists in high esteem. Some of our past members, Sir John Longstaff, Max Meldrum, Sir William Dargie and Ernest Buckmaster, were all successful in achieving Australia’s highest portrait award, the Archibald Prize.

The Society, in the past, has offered Portrait Commissions. Once again the Society is reintroducing this opportunity for the public to privately commission portraits from our society members who specifically excel in this particular genre.

The TMPS members offering portrait commission sittings are Greg Allen, Lee Machelak, Ray Hewitt (President), Paul McDonald Smith OAM, Fiona Bilbrough, Max Wilks, Peter Smales, Bill Caldwell and Clive Sinclair.

Click on any image to enlarge. To enquire about arranging a portrait sitting with one of our portrait artists please contact the TMPS via our ‘Enquiry Form’ (below).


Greg Allen

Examples of Greg’s work.


“The Gondolier”

“Brenton the violinist”

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Examples of other artist’s work

Lee Machelak.

Paul McDonald Smith OAM.


“John Howley”
Ray Hewitt.

Fiona Bilbrough.

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