Fiona Bilbrough was born in 1967. She studied at the University of Melbourne and graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Fine Art in 1989.

Fiona took a two year course with John Balmain in portrait and still life painting in 1988 and 1989. Fiona was an art teacher for multi-aged groups in oil painting at the McClelland Guild of Artists 1986-1995. From 1988 onwards Fiona was a contract Art teacher and Artist in Residence in a number of schools. Since 1990, Fiona has given private tuition for children and adults in her own studio. Fiona teaches still life, portraiture, plaster casts and in open air painting utilising the Meldrum methods of casual observation.

Fiona was awarded the Alice Bale Scholarship in 1995, enabling her to study painting in Europe.

Fiona received the Gordon Moffat Award in 2001, 2002 and 2003. Fiona has work in private collections in France, Italy, Spain, England, Scotland and throughout Australia.

Fiona is a tonal realist, known for excellence in still life and portraiture.

She works primarily in oils.

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