Amanda Hyatt is an artist, writer and educator. Her painting style is best described as alla prima tonal impressionism. Her paintings place great emphasis on light and mood rather than colour. As an impressionist she makes maximum impact with minimum brushstroke and believes in spontaneity of brushstroke and a reduction of detail. Amanda pushes the boundaries of watercolour and strives to make each painting a ‘piece of art’ rather than ‘just a painting’. She also paints in her second preferred medium of oils and has painted requested portraits of notable Australians.  Her highly collectable paintings are found in Europe, the UK, China, the USA.

Amanda has been a professional watercolour artist for 35 years, dedicating her vocation to art rather than the inorganic and physical chemistry which she was awarded a BSc (Hons). She has had over 35 solo exhibitions, with international exhibitions in New York and China and is renowned internationally as a ‘Master of Watercolour’. Amanda has also been described as one of seven ‘International Masters of En Plein Air Painting’ and a ‘leading international teacher of watercolour’. Her recognition has resulted in her being in high demand as a teacher resulting in workshops and ‘painting holidays’ in Australia but now primarily overseas in locations such as Antarctica, South America, United Kingdom and Europe.

Amanda has won many prizes including the Camberwell Rotary Art Show Gold Medal as judged by Sir William Dargie (1992) plus many other major Australian awards including the prestigious Alice Bale, Kenneth Jack and Gordon Moffat awards in addition to the Norman Kaye “Artist of the Year Award” at the Victorian Artists Society. She has conducted numerous painting demonstrations in Australia and internationally. She became a member of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society in 1992 and is also an invited member of the Australian Watercolour Institute (1992).

Amanda’s internationally unique painting style and interpretation of subjects is described in her DVDs, publications and website. Amanda has numerous teaching DVDs including those by the English company ‘APV Films’, a best-selling book “Watercolour: Tonal Impressionism” and has written over 50 articles for leading art magazines such as The Artist (UK), L’Art de L’Aquarelle and Pratique des Arts (France), Flashart (USA), International Artist and Australian Artist.





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