Guided Tours of Exhibition.

In past exhibition these tours were known as “Walk and Talks”.  The Members of the Society who are on duty that specific day (refer to the list below) will be giving guided tours at both 11.00am and 2.00pm.




If you would like to meet an artist then a roster for the exhibition is below.

Staffing roster for 2021 TMPS exhibition.
Attending the front desk each day will be Fiona Bilbrough and Jennifer Fyfe.

Thursday 12:xxxBill Caldwell, Herman Pekel.
Friday 13:xxxxxxBill Caldwell, Ray Hewitt.
Saturday 14:xxxiRay Hewitt, Peter Smales.
Sunday 15:xxxxxRay Hewitt. Joseph Zbukvic.
Monday 16:xxxxiPaul McDonald Smith, Barbara McCallum.
Tueday 17:xxxxxiPaul McDonald Smith, Barbara McCallum.
Wednesday 18:xAngela Abbott, Margaret Cowling.
Thursday 19:xxxAngela Abbott, Margaret Cowling.
Friday 20:xxxxixGreg Allen, Peter Smales.
Saturday 21:xxxiGreg Allen, Peter Smales.
Sunday 22:xxxxRoss Joseph Zbukvic.
Monday 23:xxxiRoss Paterson, John Orlando Birt.
Tuesday 24:xxxiMax Wilks,  John Orlando Birt.
Wednesday 25:John Orlando Birt.
Thursday 26: Lee Machelak, David Taylor.
Friday 27: Lee Machelak, David Taylor.
Saturday 28: Herman Pekel, Amanda Hyatt.
Sunday 29: Herman Pekel, Amanda Hyatt.