How to purchase a painting


  1. After viewing the online Gallery (click here), click on the artist of your choice.
  2. Once you do this, their paintings will appear together with the specific details including title, medium, size, and price.
  3. For a larger view, click on the painting of interest.
  4. If you wish to make a purchase first check the size of the painting with the guide below. The guide shows a range of painting sizes.
  5. Then please ring the TMPS phone numbers (below) during Gallery hours (Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm to Sat – Sun 10am – 5pm).



If the phones are busy or you are ringing ‘out-of-hours’ then leave a message or otherwise complete the contact form at the bottom of your chosen Artist’s page  (remember to include your email and phone number).

IMPORTANT: All purchases will be done via bank transfer.

  • If you purchase a painting via phone, a TMPS Member will provide you with bank details. If leaving a message it is important that you leave your name, phone number and email.
  • If you contact us via the “Contact Form” (at the bottom of your chosen Artist’s page) a TMPS Member will contact you and provide you with bank details for bank transfer.

HOLD” will be placed on the painting until the full transaction is received; this must be done within 24 hours.
SOLD will appear on all purchased paintings once the transaction has been received.

A sales receipt will be issued (via email) upon request.



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Artists will contact purchasers to arrange delivery/collection of paintings.
The Executive Committee will oversee the coordination between artist and buyer.