Art Talks Twenty Melbourne Painters Society 2019

Members of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society will be giving informative and entertaining talks on their tours of the exhibition on the following dates.


DATE                                                  TIME                        TMPS Member(s)

Thursday 22nd August                      1 pm                           Paul McDonald Smith

Friday 23rd August                            1 pm                           Clive Sinclair

Saturday 24th August                       2 pm                           Bill Caldwell

Sunday 25th August                         2 pm                           Ross Paterson

Wednesday 28th August                 1 pm                           Max Wilks

Thursday 29th August                     1 pm                           Fiona Bilbrough

Friday 30th August                           1 pm                          David Taylor

Saturday 31st August                       12 Noon                    Ray Hewitt & Stephen Doyle

Saturday 31st August                        2 pm                        Herman Pekel

Sunday 1st September                     12 Noon                   Max Wilks

Sunday 1st September                     2 pm                         Joseph Zbukvic & Peter Smales

Wednesday 4th September            2 pm                        Jennifer Fyfe

Thursday 5th September                 1 pm                        Paul McDonald Smith

Friday 6th September                      1 pm                        Margaret Cowling & Angela Abbott

Saturday 7th September                 2 pm                       Amanda Hyatt