For 102 years, since 1918, the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society has held its Annual Exhibition despite wars, the economic depressions, the ‘droughts, fires and flooding rains’ and in 2020 we will ‘keep calm and carry on’ amidst the current pandemic crisis.

We are currently preparing for and working towards presenting our 2020 102nd Annual Exhibition, run entirely by our own members, in our new showcased and modernized  ON-LINE presentation.

What a fantastic achievement for such a small group of artists, 102 years not out!



The on-line exhibition will be launched on this website at 10am Thursday August 13th, 2020.
All you need to do on the day is click on 2020 Exhibition which can be found under the “Exhibition” menu-tab.

Paintings can be purchased on-line; details will be included on the site.
Payment can be made only by direct bank transfer (details will be provided).